"Beligible for Economic Problems"...Adopting Hong Nam-gi Personnel Management Report (Commerce)

The parliamentary confirmation hearing report on Hong Nam-gi, deputy prime minister and nominee for finance minister, was 스포츠토토사이트 adopted as an "appropriate" opinion. The National Assembly's Strategy and Finance Committee assessed Hong as "I have confirmed my policy position and I have the ability to perform my duties."

The National Assembly`s Strategy and Finance Committee held a general meeting on Tuesday and adopted a personnel hearing report on Hong. "Since he played a key role in major government policy processes in view of his career, he has the expertise and drive of the finance minister," the committee said in a statement. 

"We expressed our will to pursue innovative growth along with income-led growth," some said. "There were opinions that we have proposed policy measures to address economic issues such as the potential growth rate of our country and the deterioration of its economic vitality." 

However, some pointed out that although the side effects of income-led growth are reaching a serious level, the government is required to drastically change the direction of economic policies, but it has failed to demonstrate its will to implement structural reforms in the economy and society, but that specific policy suggestions were far short. 

Opposition parties also showed little dissatisfaction with the adoption of qualified opinions. "There is no place to spot a flaw," said Rep. Yoo Ji-won of the Liberty Korea Party.

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